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The Be Free™ Lubricating Odor Eliminator liquid is a safe and highly effective way to eliminate odors in your ostomy pouch. It can be used on its own or, for maximum odor protection, in combination with the Be Free Pod™.


  • Highly effective in eliminating odors.  Not a perfume or masking agent.
  • Safe to use.
  • Can be used with colostomy and ileostomy pouches.  Works best for those with liquid to semi-liquid stool
  • When used with the Be Free Pod, an 8 oz or 4 oz bottle will last much longer than when using a similar size bottle of liquid deodorant on its own.  Why?  Because you apply it only twice a day (although you can apply it more often if you choose).
  • Lubricates pouch, resulting in sustained odor control, easier emptying, and a cleaner pouch.  May extend wear time in some cases.
  • Odorless
  • For use with drainable or closed pouches
    • Apply each time a drainable pouch is emptied (if you are NOT using the Be Free Pod) or twice a day when using a Be Free Pod
    • Apply each time a closed pouch is changed..


How to use The Be Free™ Pod with the Be Free Lubricating Odor Eliminator liquid


  • Step 1 - Insert the Be Free Pod into your new pouch before applying (see videos or PDF instructions).
  • Step 2 - Apply the Be Free Lubricating Odor Eliminator liquid 2X a day - once in the morning and again at night before you go to bed and as needed.
  • Step 3 - Leave the Be Free Pod in your pouch for as long as you wear your pouch.


See the Be Free Pod product page for more details.


Live Free with Be Free!

Be Free Lubricating Odor Eliminator

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